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"The MACD indicator shows a buy signal on the FTSE index. The stochastics indicator implies that Apple is overbought. The Dynamic RSI shows a buy signal on the EUR/USD."

Made to measure technical signals! Receive free technical signals on your favorite financial instruments via mail.

Both experienced and novice investors will enjoy these trading signals. The signals are illustrated with beautiful charts. The service is an initiative of the Börsen Newsletter team. BNL is one of the biggest German economic newsletters with 150.000 subscribers. The signals contained in the newsletters are based on generally accepted technical analysis principles.

Create your own newsletter … simply combine your the market indices, shares and forex pairs you are interested in with the technical indicators and trading strategies you like.

Fluid Bollinger Bands around an RSI gives Overbought and Oversold signals

Identification of Morning Stars and Evening Stars

Identification of Bullish and Bearish Crossovers based on the MACD

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